Nutmeg R/C Flyers, Inc. operates at the base of Thomaston Dam in the Leadmine Brook recreation area. The club was founded over 50 years ago and we are still going strong. Our members are always willing to offer instruction and direction to those interested in model aviation. We have "Buddy-Boxes" and club trainers available and will team you up with an instructor pilot for one-on-one instruction. The club frequently has events throughout the flying season. Our club annual picnic is later in the summer.


There is no membership limit and we are able to fly all aspects of R/C *. Gas, nitro, electric, large scale, helicopters, gliders. you name it, someone has probably flown it. AMA membership is required


Stop by the field or email us at for mor information.

* (At the present time, Multirotor flying, is not allowed anywhere on Army Corp. Of Engineer property)

For more information on the Leadmine Brook Recreation Area, click here Thomaston Dam Info


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