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Do you have a new plane? Not sure where or how to get  started safely? Afraid of crashing?

 We can help! Stop by and see us. We can help answer questions and offer advice. Folks are available for one on one instruction, including Buddy-Box flight training. Come visit us!


The field is in good shape. Thanks to all that came out to the clean up. There was minimal work this year and we were flying almost right away! It looks like we are perhaps getting back to normal as the posted hours are from 8am-sunset for the time being.


Welcome! You have landed at the web home of Nutmeg R/C Flyers, Inc. An AMA chartered, remote control flying club, operating at the base of Thomaston Dam in Thomaston, CT. For over 40 years, Nutmeg R/C Flyers, have been dedicated to the preservation of model aviation and the education/training of new model pilots. Come, visit us, you'll be glad you did!

The Army Corp. of Engineers has released a statement on the use of "drones" (multirotors, quads and such) within the boundaries of any Army Corp. projects. This does not affect model aircraft flying at designated fields such as ours.


You can read the statement and press release HERE


You can also visit their website at